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What have i become T-shirt

What have i become T-shirt


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i have gone and done a picture of a man running away from his house because he doesnt know what he has become and when he went to bed at night time he was completely normal but then when he woke up in the morning time he was all swollen and his body was so sore and he just kept on looking at himself in the mirror that is next to his bedroom and he was touching and grabbing his swollen face and he was crying and he was saying what have a i become and he kept on saying his childrens names and then he just ran out of his house and he kept on running because he was so frightened at what he had become and the more frightened that he felt the more further away he would run and i wish that i could find him i would tell him that everything is going to be ok with his life and i would promise him that he can change himself and i think that it is important to know that if you wake up in the morning time and you dont like what you have become then it is up to you to just change yourself and become the person who you truly know you should be.

Includes the words:
"what have i become"

High quality screen printed on white gildan softstyle tee.

i hope that you will love all of the treats and surprises that i will send for you to have with your t shirt.

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