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Walter white from the television programme breaking bad

Walter white from the television programme breaking bad



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he is the broken dad from breaking bad and his name is called walter white. i have gone and done a picture of him for a celebration of it being the day that the whole world will find out how the story of walter white and his mysterious alternative ego hindenburg is going to end and nobody knows what is going to happen but i think that the last episode is going to start off with walt staring at himself in a dusty mirror for ages and he will be touching his face and thinking about his wife skyler and his children flynn and newborn and he will be wondering how he can make everything go back to normal again but i think that deep down inside of himself he knows that there is no way of him to be able to make everything go completely back to normal again like it was before he started cooking all of the diamonds so the only thing that he can do now is the one thing that for all of his life he had always promised himself that he would never ever do and that is to become a little boy again so he telephones up the man that he knows who always brings things to his cabin and he says to the man to bring him the injections and the man says are you serious about this walt i mean youll be a little boy again for the rest of your life and walt screams just bring me the god damn injections and spit goes down his chin when he is saying it and then he says in a much more lighter voice just bring me the god damn injections i need to be a little boy again it is my only hope and then he snaps his telephone in half and he throws it at a wall and then after a day the man comes to the cabin with the injections and walt starts injecting himself with them as soon as he gets them because he is so desperate to be a little boy and he injects himself every day for a month and as the month goes by and the snow outside of the cabin melts so does the size of walts bones and he becomes smaller and smaller and then in the final scene we will see walt injecting himself in to his little leg one last time with his tiny weak hand and then we will see him as a little boy skate boarding in to town and when he gets to his house he knocks on the front door and skyler answers it and she looks at walt and walt looks at skyler and then she slowly puts her hands up over her mouth and she whispers oh my dear god is it you is it really you and walt looks at her and he doesnt say anything for about 10 seconds and then he slowly nods his head and then he bows his head down and as he says yes a single tear falls from his eye and it lands on a photograph that he is holding of him and his family from a couple of years ago and in the photograph he has changed in to a little boy as well and even though walt is a 8 year old boy now i think he has found happiness once more because for as long as he is by his families side it is all that he really cares about and he doesnt need blue diamonds and death to be happy because all that he truly needs is his family by his side just like we all do because our families are our diamonds and they will forever shine brightly throughout our lifes no matter what age we may be whether we are a 52 year old man or a 8 year old boy with a little moustache

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front