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it is the number 1 romantic film of the year about a woman who falls in love with a talking boat that is right it is titanic and if you have never seen titanic before then put on your lifejacket and prepare to get completely soaked because here we go and it is mainly about a woman whos name is called rose and she is married to a man who is called jack who is played by liamnardo di caprio and rose falls in love with a boat called the titanic who is played by the popular male hollywood actress nicolas cage and as soon as the film starts it shows rose and jack dancing with each other and the titanic is watching jack and he keeps on tutting and rolling his eyes and saying to everyone that jack is such a rubbish dancer and that he is so much better at dancing than jack is and all of the other people keep on saying for the titanic to show him how it is done then but the titanic keeps on saying that he has got a sore leg so he cant dance just now and everyone keeps on saying yeah right you are just too afraid to dance incase jack beats you in a dancing competition and then the titanic says i am not afraid honestly my leg is dead sore and then after about a minute of watching them dance the titanic says alright fine watch this and he gets up on the dance floor and he starts dancing next to rose and he tries to do a massive spin to impress her but he ends up smashing his face into a iceberg and he starts sinking and everyone crowds around him and jack starts laughing and he calls him sinky sue and everyone bursts out laughing at the titanic it is such a shame and my best bit in the whole of the film is when rose falls in love with the titanic and she asks him to draw her like one of his tug boats and then they make love in the back of a car and the titanic slaps his big metal hand on the steamed up window and then jack opens the car door and he says to the titanic why the hell are you making love to my wife you big metal son of a bitch and then the titanic gets out of the car and he says well i guess she is my wife now haha and jack says put some trousers on you disgust me and then rose says i am sorry jack i have made my choice i am in love with the titanic now and then the titanic goes right up to jacks face and he does a half smile and he says oh would you look at that it looks like the lady has taste haha and then jack runs off and he starts drinking loads of sea water to try and kill himself because he is so depressed and then right at the end of the film it shows rose in the hospital giving birth and the titanic is holding her hand and he says one last push my love and then rose gives one final thick deep push and she gives birth to a tiny baby boat and then there is a slow motion close up on the titanics smiling face and then after about 10 seconds his face slowly turns into celine dions face and she starts singing my heart will go on and loads of pictures of rose and the titanic and their new baby boat flash up on the screen and then just before the song finishes it shows jack sitting in a freezing bath with his clothes on and he is shivering and looking at pictures of boats on his phone and then there is a close up shot of the reflection of the titanic in his eyes and then as he closes his eyes for one final time the screen goes completely black and it just ends really suddenly and it really is the best film about a woman falling in love with a talking boat that there has ever been so make sure you have a watch of it because you will drown in its beauty and you will not regret it not even a slice. love from your friend Chris (Simpsons artist) xox

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front