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The elephant man

The elephant man



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who is this guy that is right it is joseph merrick but people call him the elephant man because he collects little glass figures of elephants and he has got a unique style. i really love joseph merrick because he is not afraid to be himself even though all of the jocks and the preppy kids at his school make fun of him because he is different from them but i think that it is a good thing that he is different because if everyone in the world looked exactly the same as each other then the world would be a really boring place to live in and everything around us would feel completely flat and plain so it is a good thing that people like joseph merrick exist in the world and it made me feel really sad for him when nobody at his school would go to the prom with him and on prom night he was just sitting in his car outside of the school for ages feeling really down with himself and he kept on checking facebook on his phone and seeing everyone at the prom was putting pictures on facebook of them all having loads of fun and it made him feel really angry that he wasnt a part of it so he just said right that is it enough is enough and he grabbed a tape out of the tape player in his car and then he ran in to the school and he went right over to the dj and he said put this tape on and the dj said what i cant do that and joseph merrick went right up to the djs face and he said just do it and the dj said ok ok just dont hurt me man and then the music went completely silent and everyone at prom was saying what the hell is going on and then all of a sudden up on the stage under a spotlight was john merrick and he had his head facing downwards and then he slowly raised his head up to face the crowd below him and he looked at them and they looked at him and they was all saying what the hell is elephant man doing here he doesnt belong here he is such a nerd and then joseph merrick pointed to the dj and the dj pressed play and on came born this way by lady gaga and john merrick said in to the microphone head set it doesnt matter if you love him or capital h i m just put your paws up because you were born this way baby and then he did a really high kick and then he went in to a massive dance routine and he just went completely mental and at first everyone was so shocked because of what he was doing because he was slapping his legs and things and then all of a sudden everyone just started cheering for him and everyone couldnt believe how good he was at dancing and the way he could do the sideways splits so easily and all of the jocks and all of the preppy kids was saying what the hell is he doing up there and then they got knocked out of the way by all of the skateboarders and all of the nerds running to the front of the stage and as lady gaga said i am beautiful in my own way because baby i was born this way joseph merrick put his hands up and he screamed we are all beautiful no matter what we may look like and everyone in the crowd cheered and they said he is right we are all beautiful no matter what shape our head may be and when the song finished joseph merrick just stood there and he listened to everyone all around him cheering his name and clapping for him and for the first time in all of his life a smile appeared on his face and the whole crowd below bathed in the warming glow of his brand new smile and he was instantly crowned the prom king and i am glad that everyone at his school realised that no matter what a person may look like on the outside they are still exactly the same as everyone else on the inside because baby we are all born this way and we are all beautiful in our own way and it is the people in the world who make fun of others for being different that are the ugly ones and i am proud to have a friend like joseph merrick because if it were not for people like you then the world would not feel as beautiful and as new so thank you joseph merrick it is a honour to be able to call you my friend.

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front