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Superman having a panic attack - print

Superman having a panic attack - print



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is it a bird or is it a plane or is it a man yes it is a man it is a super man. yesterday i went to see the new superman film that has just come out at the pictures and i went to see it on my own because my mum was at her work but i didnt mind because i have seen loads of films on my own before and when the film started it showed superman being born on the planet kriptonight and it showed his family being really down and dissapointed with him because he was so solid because he was made of steel and then when it was night time his dad threw him all of the way to earth because he hated him so much and when he was throwing him he shouted i dont want no solid son in my life and it was really sad because those were the last words that superman ever heard his dad say but my best bit in the film was when superman and his wife louis are having some dinner in a resteraunt to celebrate her not being pregnant again and superman keeps on touching the side of his head and he keeps on saying the side of my head is so sore i feel like i am going to faint and his wife says what is wrong honey and he says nothing is wrong my sweet girl i am fine but he wasnt fine at all because he was hearing loads of children screaming inside of his head because a school was being blown up by a terrorist and he says to his wife i have got to go and then he runs out of the resteraunt and after about a minute he runs back in to the resteraunt and he says that he has forgot his bag and he gets a plastic bag out from under the table and he says that his outfit is in the bag and then he goes out of the resteraunt again and he starts running around the streets for ages looking for somewhere to get changed in to his superman outfit but he cant find anywhere and he starts having a panic attack in the street and the main part of the film is just superman trying to find somewhere to get changed in to his outfit and it goes on for about a hour but it is still good because there is loads of close up shots of the plastic bag with his outfit in it and right at the end of the film after he manages to get changed in to his outfit in the back of a mans car he flys to the school that is going to be blown up and he goes round all of the classrooms and he collects all of the children and he swallows them inside of himself and then he flys to a island that is far away from any danger and is safe from all of the terrorists and when he lands on the island everything goes in slow motion and he lies down on the ground next to a stream and he gives birth to all of the children in slow motion and it lasts for ages and it is a really beautiful moment because i have never seen anything like it in a film before and loads of people in the cinema was crying at it and saying it was really unexpected and a man that was sitting in front of me turned round after it was finished and he said to me that he is never going to watch another film ever again because there would never be a better ending to a film than the one that he had just watched and i think that he was right because it really was a beautiful ending.

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front