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Stranger Things

Stranger Things



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it is the number 1 teen family adventure of the summer that is right it is stranger things season 3 the return of the king and if you have never seen stranger things before then you are in for one of the most action packed journeys of your whole life so hold on to your helmet and strap yourself in because here we go and the main characters of the show is called eleven mike lucas dustin will and mack and their mum is called steve and their dad is called hopper because he always hops everywhere instead of walking and my best bit in it is when demi gordon who is the main teen bully of the town is going around the mall dressed in a crop top and golden coloured leggings and he is telling everyone that he is going to steal wills inhaler from his bag so that he has a asthma attack and dies because he hates him so much and then when it is at the night time eleven gets a e mail from mike on her walkie talkie saying for her to come to wills house quick because demi gordon is in the back garden throwing stones at wills bedroom window and he is shouting that wills hair looks like a big brown helmet and he is going to kill him so eleven floats over to wills house and as soon as she gets there she punches demi gordon in the side of the back of his head like someone slapping a sock full of meat off a mans back and she says to him get the hell out of wills garden gordon or else and demi gordon just starts laughing and he says or else what you are just a 11 year old girl and i am 19 in september and then eleven looks at him for about 5 seconds and then she says what did you just say to me and demi gordon says you heard me i will be 19 in september and eleven says no what did you say before that and demi gordon says i said or else what and then eleven does a half smile and she says or else this and she makes her face shake for about a minute and her eyes go completely white and then scrambled eggo starts dribbling out of her nose and she starts having a lick of it and it makes her really powerful and then lightning starts flashing all around her and she screams wingardium leviosa in a thick deep voice and then she shoots a laser out of her finger and it smashes demi gordon into a thousand pieces and then dustin says now thats one way to cook a goose and everyone starts laughing and then right at the end of the last episode there is a shot of everyone waiting at the hospital for steve to give birth to his new baby and when he finally gives birth steve comes into the room holding the baby and mike says to him what are you going to call him and steve says i was thinking gordon and they all burst out laughing and then mike says here we go again haha and then the camera does a slow motion close up on steves laughing face and his mouth slowly starts to turn upside down and as he opens his mouth it zooms in and you can see will inside of his mouth having a asthma attack and then it just ends really suddenly and it really is the best thing you will ever have a watch of this summer and you will not be disappointed not even a slice. love from your friend Chris (Simpsons artist) xox
Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front