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Steve Job

Steve Job



  • Poster 96% in stock
  • Poster signed by Chris (Simpsons artist) 63% in stock
  • Framed Print (Clip Frame Acrylic) 98% in stock
  • Signed Framed Print (Clip Frame Acrylic) 98% in stock

A3 Glossy Poster of Steve Job

Includes his catchphrase
"It is a ipod".

This print comes with lots of surprises like some bits of string and some bits of felt and some elastic bracelets and sometimes i send some of my hair for my friends to have as well so that they can make a friendship wig.

Posted in cardboard postal tube with plastic end caps

(250gsm Card) with black border
A3 dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front

it is sad for me to say for myself that the inventor of the telephone steve job has died. it is really sad when people die but it is even more sad when people die because they have been really ill for a long time because it means that they know inside of their head that they are going to die soon one day and knowing that you are going to die one day soon must be really horrible for yourself because it means that you will know that you will never hold your wifes hand when she is sleeping ever again one day soon and so it is important to always hold your wifes hand so tight when she is asleep because it might be the last time you ever get to do it. i think steve job was good because he made all the phones and if it wasnt for him then people wouldnt probably even speak to each other and the world would just be bits of rubbish paper. i think he was a nice man because he was always making things for people to have in their house and he was always saying lets just have a laugh more and he always had a tiny little bell he would ring to cheer people up. i tried to make him look like he is laughing loads because that is what he would like to be remembered for i think for making people laugh.