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Mrs doubtfire

Mrs doubtfire



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it is everyones favourite family film about a depressed dad who gets plastic surgery to turn himself into a old woman so he can look after his children while his wife is at work that is right it is mrs doubtfire. if you havent seen mrs doubtfire before then i feel really sorry for you because you are missing out on the number 1 divorce film of the year and my best bit in it is when mrs doubtfire is sat in a restaurant with his wife and his children and a old man starts choking to death on a slice of lobster so mrs doubtfire has to stick his long finger down the old mans throat to get the lobster out and when he pulls it out of the mans throat he smiles and he puts it inside of his own mouth and he says too good to waste and then he does a massive laugh that makes the top part of his face come loose and his whole family go completely silent for about a minute and then his son walks over to him and he says papa is it you is it really you and mrs doubtfire takes his sons hand and he places it underneath the flap of loose skin on his face and he says of course it is me jamie it has always been me and then mrs doubtfires wife says if it is really you then do the thing with your ears that you used to do when we first got married so mrs doubtfire slowly stands up and then he starts shaking his face from side to side to make the bottom of his ears wobble and it was so good because he was slapping his ears all over the place like a couple of meat hammocks for ages and everyone in the restaurant was saying that it was one of the best things that they have ever seen in their whole life and a little boy actually had a fit because he loved it so much and he nearly died of pure pleasure and then right at the end of the film after the police manage to finally capture mrs doubtfire living underneath a church there is a close up shot of him standing in a jail cell and a single tear falls from his eye and he sucks it inside of his mouth and he smiles at the camera and he says too good to waste and then he does another massive laugh and he pulls on the bottom of his ears so that they stretch underneath his chin and then the film just ends really suddenly and it is quite sad that he will never be able to see his children again but it is more of a relief for everyone that he finally got caught after living underneath a church for half a year because he was so starved and he didnt even know who he was anymore.

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front