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Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher



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margaret thatcher the worlds first british prime minister has died today aged 47. when i was sitting in my living room when it was the afternoon time i heard some people outside of my house clapping and whistling and when i went outside of my house there was loads of people in my street and they was cuddling each other and shouting we did it we did it we finally did it she is gone she is gone she is dead now and that is when i knew that a celebration like this can only be for one person and that person is the iron giant margaret thatcher. now it is 6 hours later and when i look out of my living room window there is people holding up banners and there is a man at the end of my street painting childrens faces and loads of mums and dads are getting the man to paint a picture margaret thatchers corpse on to their childrens faces because they are so glad that she is dead and there is 2 men doing a barbecue wearing prince charles masks and some little girls are doing street dancing to a jls song and they are spelling out thatcher is dead with their bodys and there is a lady selling raffle tickets for a death tombola as well but i am not going to go outside of my house to join in with the celebration because that is not the type of thing that i like to do so i am just going to sit in my living room and watch the celebration outside of my house and wonder to myself if it will ever end.

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A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in