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Jesus and the easter creature

Jesus and the easter creature



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  • Signed Framed Print (Clip Frame Acrylic) 100% in stock

500 years ago today the man whos name is called jesus christ died when he was showing off to his friends by saying he could eat loads of bits of glass that he had found in a plastic bag at the back of the shop and he was saying to his friends that glass is so easy for him to eat because it is exactly like eating paste for him and he kept on saying i bet you a pound i can eat this massive bit of glass and his friends was all saying for him to not do it but he just kept on going yeah yeah yeah nothing can harm me i am jesus christ dont you know and then he started laughing his head off and sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth really quickly so that it looked like it was a little pink mouse having a look out of a wet hole and loads of spit was going down his chin as well and everyone was saying that it was really disgusting to look at because it lasted for ages and then all of a sudden jesus pointed to his friend noah and he said you owe me a pound mate and then he picked up the massive bit of glass from off a rock and he swallowed it whole and he died almost instantly because it cut all of the inside of his throat but luckily for jesus his pet rabbit the easter creature was walking past where him and his friends was all hanging out and he ran over to jesus and he picked him up and he held him in his arms like a little baby and he took him back to his nest and then when it was at the night time he laid a chocolate egg and he fed it to jesus by chewing it up and spitting it into his mouth and it brought him back to life and that is why people from all around the world eat chocolate eggs at easter time to keep jesus memory alive but i think that easter time shouldnt just be about chocolate eggs and meat because the true meaning of easter time should be about being kind to animals and always remembering that you should never eat glass no matter how confident you feel about it because like jesus you will probably die because not even jesus christ has magical throat.

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front