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Iron man

Iron man



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today i went to the pictures to see the new super hero film that is called iron man 3 and i went to see it with my mums friend from her work because my mum said that she didnt want to go and see it with me because she said that there would be too many rockets in it for her and before the film started i went and stood in front of the screen and i thanked everyone for coming because i was pretending that i was the director of the film and i did a american accent as well and the boy that works at the pictures said for me to go back to my seat and my mums friend from her work said for me to sit back down as well and he said for me to try and calm down so i went back to my seat and the film started and my best bit in it was when iron man punched a train in the face and it went like a accordion and everyone on the train got crushed to death but no one minded because it is iron man that did it and he can do whatever he wants to do because he is popular and he is rich and he is handsome and when he is at the boys funeral that he has killed he sees a man acting really suspiciously next to a tree so he goes to investigate him and the suspicious man starts running off so iron man takes off all of his clothes and he puts on his red armour and then he says hover me up and his armour makes him hover up and he starts hovering around all of the streets in town looking for the suspicious man and then he goes in to a night club and when he hovers in there everyone starts saying oh my god it is iron man and a lady trys to kiss him but he doesnt have time so he punches her in the face and everyone in the night club is saying to him that he has killed her and he just says i have killed a lot of people today so what and then he hovers around the night club and everyone is screaming and someone throws a glass cup at his back and iron man turns around really slowly and he says who just threw that glass cup at my back and all of the people go really quiet and no one says anything for ages and then all of a sudden the suspicious man appears out of the darkness and he says i threw that glass cup at your back and iron man hovers over to him and he says who the hell are you and why were you acting so suspiciously next to the tree at that little boys funeral that i killed and the suspicious man takes off his hood and when he does everyone gasps and a lady faints because the suspicious man is actually a woman and it is iron mans wife and she says i am so sick of you hovering around killing everyone every single day i am honestly fed up with it and i just want my husband back and iron man looks away from her for about a minute and then he looks back at her and then he takes off his helmet and he gives it to a man that is standing next to him and he says keep it fella i wont be needing this any more and he says hover me down and his armour hovers him down and he says armour hover off me and his armour hovers off him and then iron man points to the dj and the beyonce song if i was a boy comes on and iron man and his wife start dancing to it and then the film ends and i really enjoyed it because there was quite a lot of killing in it and the dance routine at the end was really good as well so if you like people being killed and dance routines then this is the film for you.

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front