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A3 Glossy Poster of He-Man (from the He-Man videos)

Includes his catchphrase
"I am going to stab you so much".

This print comes with lots of surprises like some bits of string and some bits of felt and some elastic bracelets and sometimes i send some of my hair for my friends to have as well so that they can make a friendship wig.

Posted in cardboard postal tube with plastic end caps

(250gsm Card) with black border
A3 dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front

Is it a bird or a plane no it isnt at all it is he-man from the he-man videos from when i was little. he-man is the strongest man in the world and even more than a boxer and he is always putting his sword right up and saying it is really powerful and that it can chop metal and i just really like him because he battles for good things and that is important and he is always going to skelators house in the middle of the night and he puts his tongue through skelators letterbox and says skelator dead loud so skelator wakes up and skelators eyes go really wide in a second and he looks around his bedroom and then he-man says skelator really loud again and skelator goes downstairs and comes to his door and when he-man hears him go close to his door he wobbles his tongue really loads so it frightens skelator and then he makes his lips go through the letterbox as well and he says not to go near his friends or he will stab him so much he wont even be able to put his shoes on anymore. he is good to draw because he has a cute yellow bob and he is a muscle and i just really love him.