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Free willy

Free willy



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is it a bird or is it a plane no it is a massive black dolphin jumping over a little boy that is right it is the film that is called free willy. if you havent seen free willy before then i feel really sorry for you because you are missing out on the greatest love story ever told about a little boy called jesse who falls in love with a massive black dolphin called free willy and my best bit in the whole of the film is when jesse is lay next to the swimming pool sun bathing and he is watching free willy just floating around like a big wet slug and jesse says to him what is wrong big guy but free willy just looks at jesse all sad and he doesnt say anything and jesse says that it is getting late and he has got to go back to his house because his mum will be wondering where he is again so he rollerblades back to his house and when he is sleeping at night time free willy slithers into jesses bedroom and he whispers to jesse if you love me then you will help me escape from the swimming pool and jesse cant believe that free willy can talk and free willy says yeah well it is hard to talk under water dont you know haha and he does a massive deep laugh and then him and jesse just look at each other for about 20 seconds and then free willy leans over jesse and he kisses him on his lips and it is so romantic and jesse says ok honey i will help you escape so the next morning jesse steals his mums gun and he takes it to the swimming pool where free willy is being kept and he shoots the lock on the main door of the swimming pool and loads of water goes everywhere and free willy manages to climb over a metal fence but there is loads of rocks in front of the sea and free willy screams damn it i knew it i ruddy knew it and jesse looks at free willy and he says you know what you have got to do and free willy nods and he says i know honey but i dont want to leave you and jesse says if you love me then you will be free because that is all i want you to be so free willy takes a massive run up and then he leaps out of the water and into the air and over his true love and as he splashes down into the sea his floppy weak fin goes completely stiff and healthy again and jesse screams thats my willy thats my willy thats my willy willy willy and then there is a slow motion close up of jesse picking up a dead fish from off the ground and kissing it and then the film just ends really suddenly and i think that to risk your own life for the person who you truly love is what true love is all about no matter who you may be even if you are a little boy or a massive black dolphin.

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front