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Forrest gump

Forrest gump



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  • Signed Framed Print (Clip Frame Acrylic) 100% in stock

it is everyones favourite film about a man who has got a taste for shrimp and a whip that wont quit that is right it is forrest gump from the hit teen thriller forrest gump and the legend of the haunted whip. if you have never seen forrest gump and the legend of the haunted whip before then you should probably have a watch of it right now especially if you like films that are about whips and feathers and shrimp and death and at the start of the film it shows forrest gump when he was a little boy and he is being chased by loads of bullies from his school and they are all calling him metal legs and dr robotnic but this time it is the final straw for forrest gump because he is sick of being made fun of all the time for being thick so he starts running away from them really quickly and as he does his metal leg cases that his mum put on his legs to stop him from escaping fly off his legs and they stab the bullies right through their hearts and they are killed almost instantly and then forrest gump runs over to the main bully and he grabs his face and he does the sweetest apricot smile at him and then he says looks like this chick has got her legs back and then he jumps onto the roof of a car and he rides it to safety and my best bit in the whole of the film is when forrest gump is washing his deaf friend bubba in the bath and bubba keeps on asking forrest gump to show him what he can do with his whip and forrest gump says wouldnt you like to know haha and bubba says oh go on show me what you can do with your whip and he winks his big deaf eye at forrest gump to try and persuade him and then forrest gump says oh ok then fine and he takes out his whip from his whip holder that is on the bottom of his high heel shoe and he starts flicking it at bubba and bubba starts laughing his head off because he is so ticklish and a shrimp actually comes out of his bum because he is laughing so much and he scoops it up and he shows it to forrest gump and then forrest gump whips his whip and he wraps it tightly around bubbas wet shrimp and he pulls it towards his face and he kisses it and then he looks at bubba and he says whippah whippah and then when it is 2 weeks later forrest gump gets a e mail from his ex wife jenny telling him to go and meet her at her house because she wants to tell him something important so forrest gump runs into town in his high heel shoes clip clopping all of the way there like a massive 2 legged dog and when he gets to jennys house he whips the doorbell and jenny answers the door and forrest gump says what is the important news you have got to tell me and jenny says i want you to meet your son and forrest gump says exsqueeze me and jenny says your son forrest your son and forrest gump says you have got to be kidding me right and jenny says nope he is sat over there watching teen mom on the television and forest gump says i cant believe it jenny and then he quietly walks over to his son in the living room and he bends down and touches him on his shoulder and his son slowly turns around and it is actually bubba and forrest gump says bubba are you my son and bubba says yes papa i am your son and then he does a really deep slow motion laugh and loads of baby shrimps come out of his mouth and then right at the end of the film there is a shot of forrest gump sitting on a bench eating a box of chocolates and a feather lands on top of his head and he smiles and then he takes the feather off the top of his head and he puts it in his mouth and he swallows it and he looks at the camera and he says just like in the movies and then the screen goes completely black and the film just ends really suddenly and if you want a feel good film to watch with your family or your wife this summer then take off your trousers and go and lie down on your living room floor and prepare to be thrilled because this really is the best teen thriller of the summer and i promise that you will never forget it even when you are dead.

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front