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Flynn from the television programme breaking bad

Flynn from the television programme breaking bad



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because the television programme breaking bad is nearly coming to a end i have gone and done some pictures of some of the most important characters that is in it and the first one that i have gone and done is called flynn and he plays the cute teen character in breaking bad. his real name isnt really called flynn because his real name is actually called walt junior but he just prefers for people to call him flynn because it rhymes with skin and it is just what he prefers and i like him the most of all because he is kind like me and he is sensitive like me and he has got lovely thick dark brown hair like me and his best thing to have in the morning time is some breakfast like me and he loves waking up in the morning time and feeling completely starved from the night before and he always says that hunger is the best sauce and he is right because hunger really is the best sauce because it can make any food taste delicious especially breakfast and my best episode that flynn was in was the shopping centre episode when flynns dad who is called walt took him shopping one day out of the blue and he just said son we are going shopping for some new outfits and you can choose whatever outfit that you like son because it is your day today son and flynn couldnt believe it because he kept on saying that he couldnt believe it when they was in the car and when flynn was trying on loads of new outfits in h & m it was so funny because he kept on coming out of the changing room wearing some ladies swimming costumes that he found and he kept on putting his hands on his hips and saying what do you think of this one dad in a really funny voice and he kept on having a snap of the elastic between his thighs and saying snap when he was doing it and his dad was just staring at him and he was trying not to laugh but they both just kept on bursting out laughing every time that flynn was snapping the elastic between his thighs and it made me feel so happy to see them both together having fun and laughing with each other and not constantly being stressed thinking about cooking diamonds and death and i know that walt has hurt flynn even as much as any cancer ever could have done but i hope that flynn will one day be able to understand that all of the death and all of the diamonds and all of the horrible lies was all for him so that he will be able to have a better life for himself in the future and be able to afford nicer outfits and not have to look really poor and common when he is a grown up

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front