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Edward scissor hands

Edward scissor hands



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he has metal claws and jet black curls and his favourite pop group is the spice girls that is right it is edward scissor hands from the film edward scissor hands and the tale of the whispering lips. if you like films that are about gardening and hairdressing and virtual pets then this is the film for you because it has got all of them things in it especially gardening and my best bit in the whole of the film is when edward scissor hands is at his college doing his beauty therapy course because that is what people do at college when they are rubbish at doing other things and all of the girls in his class dont like him because his hands are more metal than their ones and they always make fun of him because his only friend at collage is his tamagotchi and it is such a shame for him because he just wants to be liked by people and when it is at lunch time edward scissor hands is having a sit at a table with 6 of the girls from his class and he trys to impress them by putting his chin on the table and making a uncooked sausage come out of his mouth and it was so disgusting because it was really long and heavy and wet and everyone was saying that it was like a dying meat snake slithering out of his mouth for one last breath of air and kirstin who is the mean girl of the college was saying that it was the least impressive thing that she has ever seen in her life and everyone started saying yeah i know it is such a pointless thing to do and it made edward scissor hands feel really upset and he tried to shout for them to all shut up but he couldnt say it properly because there was so much meat coming out of his face and then the bell rang and edward scissor hands just stood there for ages staring at his reflection in a window and then at the night time edward scissor hands was in his garden cutting his favourite hedge into the shape of mel c from the spice girls and his wife ramona ryder comes into the garden and she says ugh stop being so obsessed with mel c from the spice girls she is the worst one and edward scissor hands says yeah yeah yeah tell it to someone who actually gives a hell and then ramona ryder says that she is having a affair with someone at her work and edward scissor hands says who the hell is it and ramona ryder says oh i dont know maybe someone who doesnt nearly stab me to death every time we make sweet love and edward scissor hands just looks at her for about 5 seconds and then he says well i guess you should know that i am also having a affair as well and ramona ryder says who would ever have a affair with you and edward scissor hands does a half smile and then he points to the top of his trousers and he says ryan would and ramona ryder laughs and she says you are having a affair with ryan your tamagotichi and edward scissor hands says yep i love him and he loves me and there is nothing that you can do about it so shut up and leave me alone and then he runs off into the woods like a big black metal crab and then right at the end of the film it shows edward scissor hands kneeling in a hole in the woods that he has dug and filled with plastic bags and he is kissing and licking his tamagotchi and he is singing the spice girls song 2 become 1 to it and then the camera goes really close up to his eyes and then his eyes do a massive high pitch screaming laugh and then the film just ends really suddenly and it is such a lovely ending to such a lovely film and i definitely think that you should have a watch of it especially if you have scissors for hands and you need a bit of a confidence boost.

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front