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  • Signed Framed Print (white) (Clip Frame Acrylic) 100% in stock

who is this strange brown creature putting his finger inside a little boys mouth that is right it is e.t from the film that is called e.t the alien prince. i love e.t so much because it is one of my best films from when i was little and it is mostly about a 8 year old boy called elliot who falls in love with a alien called e.t and my best bit in all of the film is when elliot is lay on his kitchen floor and he is feeling really depressed with himself because he doesnt know how to comb his own hair and e.t says to him do you want me to dance for you to take your mind off being so thick and elliot says that his mum is going to be home any minute and if she finds e.t there she will go mental but e.t says ugh dont worry about your mum elly i will take care of her if she comes home early ha ha and he does a slow motion wink at elliot and then he stands up and he starts slapping his big brown legs together and it cheers elliot up instantly and he even forgets that he is thick for a minute as well and then when it is at the night time loads of astronauts come to elliots house and they wrap a massive white plastic sheet around the whole of the house so they can capture e.t into a cage and then he goes all pale like he is turning into a white dog poo and it is such a shame and elliot is screaming for the astronauts to let e.t go but the main astronaut just laughs at him and he says jesus christ smelliot give it a rest or i will cut your head off and then e.t stops breathing and all of the astronauts say oh well lets all go home he is dead now but elliots love for e.t brings him back to life and they manage to escape by crawling through a big tube that is hanging off the back of a mans car and then e.t and eilliot go on elliots bike and they get chased by loads of police men and just when they are about to get caught e.t casts a spell on elliots bike to make it fly and they float over all of the police men and e.t shouts down to them oh no what is wrong can you lot not fly or something ha ha and he does a slow motion wink at the police men down below and they all go completely mental and then e.t and elliott land on top of a mountain and e.ts mum and dad is waiting there to give him a lift back home and e.t looks at elliot and he says i am so sorry honey but i have got to go back home now and he says why dont you just come with me to to my planet and elliot says i cant leave my family and my sister drew barrymore why dont you stay here with me and e.t shakes his big brown head and he says i cant babes i just cant and elliot starts crying and e.t licks a tear from elliots face and he smiles and then he slowly raises his long thin brown finger towards elliots face and he gently places it inside of his mouth and he slides it deep down inside of his throat and he says i will be right here and then the film just ends really suddenly with a close up shot of elliot sitting on the edge of his bed holding his neck and he is singing stay another day by east 17 and it really is the most perfect ending to a film that there has ever been and i think that when people who we love have to go away from us we should always remember that no matter where they may be or how far away from us they may sleep our love for them will forever be kept safely inside of our hearts because no distance can ever take true love away from us no matter what planet they may be from or however long they may be gone.

choose either a blue or white background, it is your choice

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front