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c3po and r2d2

c3po and r2d2



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may the 4th of may be with you. happy star wars day to everyone and to have a celebrate of it i have gone and done a picture of c3po and r2d2 because they are my best ones that is in the star wars videos because they are the main characters in it. my best bit of theirs is when c3po just decides to start acting like a valley girl all of a sudden and he starts getting loads of attention from people about his hair and he just becomes really obsessed with the way that he looks and how skinny his arms are and he becomes all selfish and he doesnt realise that he is actually pushing r2d2 out of his life and then when it is night time and r2d2 is asleep c3po goes through r2d2s phone because he thinks that he is cheating on him and then he finds out that r2d2 has been texting people saying that he is sick of c3po because he has changed so much recently with all of the attention that he has been getting and then c3po starts going completely mental and he starts shouting loads and hitting himself in his face and then r2d2 wakes up and he says what the hell is all of the screaming for and c3po holds up r2d2s phone and he says well ive just read what you have been saying about me to everyone and r2d2 doesnt say anything for 10 seconds and then he says you have changed so much the past few months since you started this whole valley girl thing and c3po says that is just the way i am now and then r2d2 says well i just want the guy that i fell in love with back and he bursts out crying and then c3po realises that r2d2 is more important to him than acting like a valley girl and getting loads of attention about his hair and it is really nice because the last bit in the film is a close up of both of them lay on a bed together and they are holding each other and they are smiling and then c3po looks at the camera and he does a really sweet slow motion laugh and then the film ends and i am glad that they have worked things out because they are really good together and i have got a feeling that they might just be soul mates as well and that makes me smile.

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front