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Berlin wall (white)

Berlin wall (white)



  • Unisex Small - (white) 94% in stock
  • Unisex Medium - (white) 95% in stock
  • Unisex Large - (white) 88% in stock
  • Unisex Extra Large - (white) 88% in stock
  • Unisex Extra Extra Large - (white) 75% in stock
  • Female Small - (white) 70% in stock
  • Female Medium - (white) 100% in stock

Includes the words:

"dont hate me because im fabulous hate me because i tried to stop the fall of the berlin wall"

High quality screen printed on white gildan cotton tshirt

Limited edition. only 150 in all of the world

all of my tshirts come with lots of treats and surprises for a extra slice of spice.