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American pie

American pie



  • Print 100% in stock
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  • Signed Framed Print (Clip Frame Acrylic) 100% in stock

it is the most romantic film that has ever made about a man getting a pie pregnant that is right it is the popular teen pie pregnancy film that is called american pie. if you are the type of person who likes films that are about pies getting pregnant then this is definitely the film for you because that is what it is mainly about and as soon as the film starts it shows jim who is the main teen in the film looking at pictures of pies on his computer and he is licking his lips and his face loads and then jims dad comes into his bedroom and he says jim i want to have a chat with you and he says for jim to sit down next to him on the bed and then jims dad takes out loads of cookery books from out of a plastic bag and he shows jim loads of pictures of pies with no pastry on and jim starts getting really embarrassed and he says just get out of my room dad for gods sake and jims dad says ok son i will leave you alone with the cookery books and then he does a little wink at jim that looked like someone was sliding a tiny piece of skin over a sesame seed and then when jims dad goes to work jim sneaks downstairs and he sees a freshly cooked steaming hot pie on the kitchen table and he goes over to it and he starts kissing it and then he slowly starts sliding his finger in and out of the top of the pies head and then he takes his finger out and he sniffs it and he says yamma yamma yamma and then he does a slow motion wink at the camera and then he takes his trousers off and he ties them around his head and then he climbs onto the kitchen table and he starts making love to the pie for about 45 minutes and it is such a beautiful moment and there is loads of pastry all over jims face and legs and the pie doesnt even know what is happening to it and it just lies there frightened to move because it thinks it is being attacked by a dog or something and then 2 weeks later jim gets a text from the pie saying that it is pregnant and jim cant believe it and everyone at his school starts making fun of him and the main bully at the school who is called stiff starts saying that he was watching jim making love to the pie on a webcam and it makes jim feel really depressed about his life and then right at the end of the film it is prom night and everyone is dancing and having fun and then jim walks in through the main doors pushing the pie in a wheelchair and the music suddenly stops and everyone is so shocked and a boy nearly faints because he has never seen a pie in a wheelchair before and then jim points to the dj and the main song from dirty dancing comes on that is called time of my life and jim picks the pie up out of the wheelchair and he starts dancing with it and everyone crowds around them and they start clapping and cheering and at that very moment jim realised that it doesnt matter who you fall in love with for as long as you and that person are both happy and then jim pulls the pie closer to him and he stares into the pies eyes and he smiles and he kisses the pie and he says i love you and then he gently slides his finger into the hole at the top of the pies head and he takes it out and he goes around the room letting everyone have a sniff of his finger and then the pie runs back over to jim and he lifts the pie high above his head and everyone screams and cheers and then the film just ends really suddenly with a close up of the pies eyes staring at the camera and it really is the best teen pie pregnancy film that you will see this year and you will not be disappointed not even a slice.


this print comes with some bits of string and some bits of wool and some bits of felt and some elastic friendship bracelets and sometimes some slices of my hair sellotaped to a bit of paper as well for you to keep inside your pocket for a good luck wish.

Size A3 on 250gsm high quality card
A3 print dimensions: 420 x 297 mm - 16.5 x 11.7 in
Frameless Clip Frame - Non-glass (acrylic) Front
Limited edition print run of 300